Sunday, March 18, 2012

From Beijing to Lanzhou

Well we when we were leaving our Hotel in Beijing went outside to a beautiful layer of snow. So awesome, a sheet covered the city as we drove to the airport to head to Lanzhou. Here are a couple of pics on our way from Beijing to Lanzhou.

Outside our Hotel in Beijing

Lanzhou Airport

Caves in Lanzhou where people used to live and our guide said that there are about 1 million people still living in caves near Mia's town Qingyang

Coming into Lanzhou .........The Yellow River


Johanna said...

Following along on your journey brings back so many memories from just a few months ago!!! Can't wait till she's in your arms!!!!!!

Kendra said...

Love the pictures of Lanzhou! I remember this exact spot and took a similar picture.... I don't know if I told you but if you want to take a walk go to the city square...there is a neat underground mall there and I wish we had found it earlier. The bottom floor has a kiddie area! :)It should be just 4 blocks or so from your hotel...