Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday Partying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well nothing like throwing two Birthday parties together in a week. LOL When we found out we were traveling Our son Austin was so worried we were going to forget his birthday, and we were going to miss our good friends boys birthday. So What to do but have Austin and Jack a double Lego Birthday Party at our house.  To top it off it was pouring down rain so all the kids and adults were inside at all times. LOL

This is such a crazy time we are about to go to China to get our precious Mia, we are trying to get our house ready to put on the market by Tuesday, and my precious Boy Austin needed to have his birthday party before we left. :) It's not like us to do anything calmly. :)

I tried to have his birthday not at our house but at Chuck E Cheese or something like that, but Austin burst into tears and begged to have it at home. Such a sweet boy. So we had a Lego Birthday at our house and it turned out wonderful. When everyone left he said Thank you mommy and daddy in the sweetest voice. Melt your heart.

Cookie cake not one piece was left.

Austin and his Buddy Kyle. These two just have a neat friendship.

Jack the 6 year old b-day boy and Austin the 8 year old b-day boy

Oh yeah that was just the kids the adults are behind cameras :)

Well we have 4 days until we Travel to China. My mind is going ninety miles an hour, I am not sleeping good, I am having nightmares about forgetting all our paperwork. Anyhow..........Church was AMAZING today and I needed it so bad. Our pastor's wife and my sweet friend prayed for me today and I needed it. I need peace that God will work everything out, and Mia will be prepared to meet us, the boys will have fun while we are gone, the sale of our home, etc......

I hope all my bloggy friends are having a great Sunday with there families. God Bless all of you.


a blog full of weldons. said...

praying for you as well girl! one of the best things i learned in china??? if you forget something, odds are another parent will have it! esp when you get to guangzhou...things like medications and puffs and formula, etc. you can bet someone at your hotel will gladly lend it to you.

or if you are like me, packing was a nightmare and i obsessed and obsessed over it. my husband still jokes that i tool our hall closet to china and back and never used any of it :)

paper work and camera. clothes and puffs and ziplock baggies. everything else you can get there :)

oh and throwing a party right before listing your house and going to china? you really are super woman!!
we moved a month after em came home (and are moving again next month :) so i can empathize!

Jennifer said...

I waited until the day before to start packing,...yes, I'm the ultimate procrastinator! Just remember you can always buy at the local store or borrow from other people in your group.
The time is almost here....can't wait to see Mia with her family!!