Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We got to meet Jennifer, Wesleigh, and Gracie!!!!!!!!

Well on our way home from Disney World we stopped in Louisiana to meet some super sweet little girls Wesleigh and Gracie and their mom Jennifer. They were so sweet and precious. Joe was taking the picture and the girls were copying his face. So Funny!!!!!! Jennifer was just so nice to open her home to us. We enjoyed the visit and look forward to meeting again. Their sweet family has adopted twice. Wesleigh was adopted 2 years ago and Gracie has only been home 5 months. I was amazed at how the girls were together, like they were never apart and always one family. Soooo Awesome. You can follow their story at

Me, Gracie, Jennifer and Wesleigh

Joe having us girls make a silly face


Jennifer said...

I love how everybody knows everybody in bloggy world! So fun that y'all got to meet! I'm hoping maybe I can finally meet them this summer when I'm in B.R.!
Wow!.. Your travel is right around the corner! Can't wait to follow y'all to China to get your sweet baby! Your boys are too cute. I bet they are so excited:)

ji said...

What an adorable family you have! We too adopted from China and what a blessing it was! Excited to follow your journey!

Paige said...

Just coming to your blog through Jenn's. Our art5 was picked up on the 10th so we are so close to each other. Do you really think we have a prayer to travel mid march?? I'm kinda guessing late march since we keep getting backed up over random things:) I'd love to get TA next week but doubting it. This sure is a wild ride!!
Your family is beautiful, that little girl sure is going to be loved by her big brothers!

Sharon said...

We are an America World family too. Hopefully, we will have our dossier to China by March 2! This is our second time around w/SN Waiting Children Program adoption. We are also naming our daughter, Miah. You are going to be blessed and moved beyond anything you can imagine on this trip (life journey). Looking forward to seeing you all in China with Mia.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

so fun to meet bloggy friends...half of my friends now are from adoption and met them online first before we did in person....LOL I think our daughter knows more kids adopted and in other cities than any other kiddos!! Glad it was fun!

Congrats on your upcoming travel. So exciting, and always fun to watch another family travel. Our daughter came home from Taiwan almost 3 years ago!!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

we live in your big state too. We just live north in the big cities:) We are visiting my inlaws in your big city this weekend. I have a great friend with a 3 year old from Taiwan there you should meet!! They are always looking for friends!!

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

just found you from jennifer's blog... it's neat to connect with bloggy friends.

Jen said...

Congrats! I can so relate to your family. I'm a mom of three boys waiting on TA to get our little girl. Good luck with your journey!