Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are still waiting

Well I think this may be harder than waiting for LOA, it's like you know this is the last step keeping you from you child.

There is a precious family with our agency waiting for there TA too for there sweet son Will. You can follow them on their journey to Will here http://www.unrelentingloveforher.blogspot.com/

We are more than likely going to be traveling with them, at least on the first and last part of our trip.  :) They are also trying to raise the last funds for there adoption. It is so neat to read their blog and see how God has faithfully provided for their family to adopt. Soooo Awesome.

Well I guess for now we just keep waiting............We are on day 14 of waiting for Travel Approval.


Paige said...

I bet you get it on Friday, last week lots of people got theirs on Monday since their agencies receive faxes and the rest of us got them in the mail on Friday. Better start packing, we leave next Thursday, CRAZY over here, but good crazy:)

jennifer said...

UGH!!!! I'm so sorry you're still waiting. Praying it comes VERY soon. I know you just want to get on that plane!

BTW...the girls have seen the card you sent and they now talk about Mia being in China like they were :) It's so sweet. We pray for her when we say our prayers at night.

Jennifer said...

This is the WORST part, but you're almost there! So glad y'all may be traveling with people you know! Hang in there!