Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are still waiting

Well I think this may be harder than waiting for LOA, it's like you know this is the last step keeping you from you child.

There is a precious family with our agency waiting for there TA too for there sweet son Will. You can follow them on their journey to Will here http://www.unrelentingloveforher.blogspot.com/

We are more than likely going to be traveling with them, at least on the first and last part of our trip.  :) They are also trying to raise the last funds for there adoption. It is so neat to read their blog and see how God has faithfully provided for their family to adopt. Soooo Awesome.

Well I guess for now we just keep waiting............We are on day 14 of waiting for Travel Approval.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mia's Room

Here is a few pics of her room. Her bed and vanity are antiques and were my grandparents set. I love family heirlooms, and I think it is awesome that Mia get's to have them.

Her big girl bed!!!!!!!

Her sweet crib

Her little vanity/changing table right now. LOL I need to find a cute chair to go with it.

The many Faces of Mia

Here is the many faces of our baby girl. I just love that precious face and I can't wait to kiss those cheeks. I know I have posted her before, but it makes this mama feel better to see her face. We are sooooooo close baby girl. I am really hoping our TA comes next week.

Melt my heart!!!!!!!!!

Look I am standing!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

This is the first pic of this sweet girl we saw.

One of my favortie pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing in her crib 12/29/11

I can stand and walk along side my crib.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fighting a Cold

My sweet Corbin has been fighting a cold since we got back from Disney. I just found him asleep on the couch. This boy just can melt this mama's heart. He was just talking to me and I started cleaning up the house and found this.

Corbin and our dog Milly

Two buddies!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Prayer Cards for Mia

This mama's heart is aching to hold my baby girl. Right now it is just about all I can think about. I know that God has orchestrated the time when we will be united with our daughter, his hand has been on this adoption from the beginning. We are almost there baby girl. :) We are in the TA wait 6 days so far. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We got to meet Jennifer, Wesleigh, and Gracie!!!!!!!!

Well on our way home from Disney World we stopped in Louisiana to meet some super sweet little girls Wesleigh and Gracie and their mom Jennifer. They were so sweet and precious. Joe was taking the picture and the girls were copying his face. So Funny!!!!!! Jennifer was just so nice to open her home to us. We enjoyed the visit and look forward to meeting again. Their sweet family has adopted twice. Wesleigh was adopted 2 years ago and Gracie has only been home 5 months. I was amazed at how the girls were together, like they were never apart and always one family. Soooo Awesome. You can follow their story at http://baseballstobows.blogspot.com/

Me, Gracie, Jennifer and Wesleigh

Joe having us girls make a silly face

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Article 5 Issued Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well our Article 5 was suppossed to be issued today. So now  we wait for our TA travel approval. I am thinking maybe March 15th for Travel but we will see. I went to Target today and bought diapers,  bottles, teething gel, baby lotion and shampoo and I picked up a cute pair of pants for baby girl. Starting to get ready, I guess you could say I am nesting. LOL!!!!!!! I did it with the boys so why wouldn't I with baby girl. :)

Oh, we got to meet some new friends this week on our way home too Wesleigh and Gracie. They are precious little girls. I can't wait to see Mia's personality come alive when we bring her home. They are such a sweet family. Thank you Jennifer for letting us pop in on you.  :) You can see there precious family on their blog

Columbia Southern University

Also on the way home we stopped by my hubby's college. My hard working hubby finished his degree this year at Columbia Southern University. He is a Captain in the Houston Fire Department. I am so proud of him he has always strived so hard at whatever he does. I love you honey!!!!!!!! You are such an amazing man, who loves the Lord and you are an awesome husband and father. I feel so blessed by God to have you in my life.

The USS Alabama

On our way home from Orlando we stopped off in Alabama to see the USS Alabama and the USS Drum. The boys were so happy and loved it.

All my boys on their way up to the battleship

Austin, Ethan and Corbin in front of one of the war planes

In the sleeping area of the ship where the sailors would have slept


My handsome hubby!!!!!!!

On top of the USS Drum Submarine

Disney World

We traveled to Disney World with my family. My parents took our family and my brother and his wife and new baby to have fun with Mickey.  We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and loved it. It looks like Lincoln Logs and my boys totally loved that. Here are some pics of our time there.

Papaw, Mimi and the boys

My Sweet Nephew Oliver 12 weeks old

We visited China in Epcot

Bruce and the boys

Lilo and the boys

My Parents and Mickey

Corbin, Me and the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Me, the boys and my favorite Tinkerbell (She is sweet but Sassy Like me) LOL

Joe and Me about to ride Everest. SOOOOO FUN!!!!!

Disney World Pics

More pics of Disney

Joe with Cinderella's Step Sisters and Step Mother. They were hilarious!!!!

The crew with Minnie Mouse

Austin, Corbin, Daddy and Mommy. Ethan was pouting :)

My Pirates Solomon Sternspinner and Ned Pilagefish (They had Pirate Makeovers)

Ethan, Austin, baby Olie, and Corbin

My brother Josh and his sweet baby Oliver

Ethan, Austin and Corbin at Hollywood Studios

Pirate Papaw

Ethan, Daddy, Corbin, Mommy, and Austin

At breakfast with the Mad Hatter

My Pirate Boys