Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Children's Museum

Well we went to the Children's Museum with our good friends The Jordan's. We all had so much fun mommy's included. LOL!!!!!! The kids got debit cards (pretend) when we got there so they could go to Kidtropolis. So Kidtropolis they had atm machines, a bank, a restaurant, HEB grocery store, a bike shop, police station, news station, ambulance, vet clinic, Wall street floor trading, and an art studio. It was like real life for kiddos. So fun to pretend. They also had tons of things to climb on and build, and they also had a Mexican village set up to (where our kids stayed for a long time :) ) They were shoe makers, market owners, restaurant owners...............needless to say the kids had a blast. It was a fun day Here are some pics from the day

Me creating I don't know what. LOL

Samuel and My sweet Sister In Christ Alicia

Ethan with Samuel helping him build a parachute

Me And Alicia in Mexico

Austin and Ethan (they are loving the Mexican Village)

Corbin the Sandal Maker

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