Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Article 5 Dropped off Today

Well our Article 5 was dropped off today and is set to be issued on February 14th. Right now the wait for TA is 2-4 weeks after the Article 5 is issued. We are hoping for a quick TA!!!!!!! We are almost there baby girl.

Isn't it crazy how every little step is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so blessed to get the chance to adopt, it is already made an impact on our family and friends around us (It has stirred two of our friends to adopt, one in the process, and one in the thinking stage.) I love how God uses adoption to stir the hearts of his people.

We are also sooooooo blessed to be at a church that has soooooo many adopted and foster kiddos. Our pastor and his wife have a heart for adoption (They are waiting for their domestic adoption of two siblings to be finalized soon).

Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!!


The Taras' said...

ahhhhhh! That is SO close girl!! So exciting it just brings tears to my eyes!!

Johanna said...

congrats!!!! YOU are so close!!! I remember that feeling like it was yesterday!!! All the next steps will come so fast..so get ready to meet you sweet girl soon!!!