Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mia's Referral Pics

Here is Mia's sweet referral pics

So sweet!!!!!!

Love this precious pic of her.

Well today has been a whole day working on travel paper work. We had thought that our kiddos and family would be traveling with us, but change of plans it will just be Joe and I traveling to get Mia. I am going to miss the boys so much. We have never been away from them for that amount of time. If any of you have any fun ideas for them while we are gone to help them count down the days, please let me know. I know they will be in good hands and have fun with grandparents and friends. I think about Jesus when he was talking about leaving the 99 to go to the 1. I have to keep that mindset. We are excited to have time to bond with our sweet girl. Looks like March per our agency. Right now we are waiting for our final 1800 approval. Will keep you all posted on the progress. I hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! May God Bless All of your sweet families.

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