Friday, December 30, 2011

Mia Update 12/29/11

Here she is our precious babe. Mia aka Qing XiaoQian 20 months old. We are adopting off of the Waiting Child China with America World. Her Special need is Growth and Developmental Delay, but over the past months we have been watching her blossom and meet some milestones. Praise The Lord!!!!!!! She just got another tooth within a month, now she has 6 teeth, her hair is growing, she has gained 7 lbs, and grown 2 inches. You go girl!!!! LOL!!!! We can't wait to hold her in our arms. My heart is starting to ache. It looks like March possibly for Travel. This mama is so happy. Daddy just melted today when he saw her pics. He is going to be so good with her. It is precious to see him through this process, sides of him I haven't seen even after 13 years of marriage. So Precious!!!!!! As I have told some of you already our boys were going to travel and now they are not. :( Cost was a big issue. Any ideas on how to make there stay away from mom and dad better please let me now. I am looking forward though to concentrating on meeting Mia's needs before she comes home to the busyness of the Leggio House. LOL!!!!!

Look at those cheeks

She is so dainty

Look at me I am standing


The Taras' said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! She is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats you guys! :o)

Football and Fried Rice said...

I love that the Lord has blessed you (& Mia!) with meeting some milestones!! What a great way to help a waiting mama get through!

I would never discourage you from desiring to take your boys to China, but I can tell you that *we* were so, so grateful we didn't take our kids on the adoption trip. There is a lot of time in the hotel room. And these new kiddos need/demand a lot of attention. It's kind of exhausting. Many nights we were in bed by 7! Falling asleep to some fairly inappropriate HBO :) not to mention trying to keep track of and feed and clothe so many kids when you are just worn out and homesick!

That being said, I know you'll miss them like crazy! And them, you!! It's hard - probably the hardest thing I've ever done - leave them for that long!! Skype was awesome! I had to trust that I was allowing their caretakers to be blessed as well and play an important role in the adoption!

It really was a win/win!!

And some day, when they are all teenagers and can pack their own bags and entertain themselves on the 15 hour flight, I'll pay for their airfare and we will trek the Great Wall together!!

Sharon said...

Hi Amber,

SWEET FAMILY and what a beautiful baby girl. I have been going through my AWAA yahoo group and saw your little one is from Gansu. Just wondering where..We brought home our son almost four years ago (SO hard to believe) from Pingliang and we LOVED Gansu.

Just wanted to say 'hi' and if you have any questions about traveing let me know. I'll be watching your journey!


a blog full of weldons. said...

she is so stinkin adorable! I want to kiss those beautiful cheeks :) I'm so thrilled for you to be moving so much closer to art 5 and TA!!! somehow those fly by at the end :)
I wrapped one gift for each of my boys to open every day we were gone. it was a bit daunting to find 16 gifts for each child :) but I raided the $1 store and added some special bigger gifts mixed in. my mom said it was really exciting for them each morning to open their gift and it also helped to occupy them each day. we did a countdown callender too. either way, it's crazy hard to leave kids at home :)
can't wait to see her in your arms!!! precious days are ahead!!!
blessings to you!!