Thursday, December 22, 2011


My Little Hunters Austin 7, Corbin 5, and Ethan 9

Me and my hubby

Ethan and Corbin following Daddy up a mountain

We made it to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin my serious hunter

Me and my Corsican I shot at 200 yards in the shoulder

The boys and me.

We took a four day trip to my husbands family land. They have around 1000 acres of hunting land. We had such a good time. My husband shot a Deer and this girl shot a Corsican (ALL BY MYSELF). If you know me hunting and guns is something that has had to grow on me. See I married a Texan and this California girl didn't have a chance. :) Come to find out I love hunting. It is pretty exciting. We had a good time.

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