Thursday, December 22, 2011

33 Years

My Birthday Cake (Daddy and the boys made)

Yes that's right 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My precious boys!!!!!!
Oh my how time flies. I had a birthday and turned 33. It was low key just hanging with my hubby and boys. I think back over the years and wonder have I made a difference for Christ. I feel I waisted the first 22 years not glorifying and following my Lord and Savior. I thank him for the grace he gives me. These 33 years have been one of Growing in the Lord, Being Sanctified gently by my Heavenly Father.
 I thank you Abba Father for blessing me with a Godly husband, 3 wonderful boys, and the opportunity to adopt one of your precious children (Our little Mia Hannah Leggio). I feel so unworthy of all your blessings. I hope I can glorify you everyday in all I do, and always make each day about you. I pray my children will rise up and be a generation that follows you. Thank you Lord for these 33 years.

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