Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days and Waiting

Well 30 days have passed by as we wait for our RA. They have been very eventful days of waiting.

On November 10th my little nephew Oliver was born. What a precious day. He is the first for my brother and sister n law who waited over 6 years for this little one. :) He looks just like my brother, but you can see characteristics of my sister n law too. (He scrunches up his forhead, just like she does)

Also on November 10th my wonderful friend from California, surprised me and flew in with her little girl Morgan. They stayed five days with our family. Morgan just turned 2 and over a year had went by since I had seen her. She was growing up so fast and I was missing seeing it, so my sweet friend came so we could catch up and play with Morgan. It was also good to see how the boys would be with a 2 year old running around the house seeing as our little Mia is 19 months and counting. :)

I will post pics soon of my new nephew and my visit from my friend. In the midst of that we also got sick. All of us got a bad head cold and cough. Oh, and on the 19th my sweet friends threw me a baby shower for our sweet daughter Mia. The theme Chopsticks and Cheesecake. I will post pics of that too. Boy do I need to get on the ball. LOL

Oh, there is a precious family who I met through the blogging world that is in Gansu Province getting their daughter Charlotte (Same province as where our sweet little one is). Please join in prayer for them as they adjust to each other, pray for Charlotte to have peace knowing that this is her forever family and they are not going anywhere. Also for Charlotte to open up to her Baba too. You can follow there journey at 

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember our Lord and Savior and give thanks to him for all his abundant blessings. He is an awesome God!!!!!!!

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