Monday, October 10, 2011

Homeschooling Days

Well here we are, our classroom. I really love homeschooling my kids, what greater joy to see them grown in the Lord and their gifts. We have our days where it is crazy, but the good out weighs the bad days. We are using My Fathers World Exploring Country and Cultures and love it. We are learning about missionaries, doing projects (like our world cake the boys made), learning about continents and countries, and the people who live their. Also how we can pray for that people group. It makes the kids so much more aware of the world they live in. Not just their small realm of their world. This also works perfectly with us traveling to China soon to get our daughter. (Which I can't wait to share pics on the blog. hopefully soon. Waiting for LOA) I feel so blessed by the Lord with these three boys and soon to be daughter. What precious gifts from the Lord. Just wanted to share some of what we are doing. Daddy also needs credit, he is the principal of our school and helps out with science projects which he is really naturally gifted that way. :)

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