Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh My Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could it be in my mailbox, but yes it is our 1-800A approval. Praise God and to him be the glory for working all this out. We went Friday for our biometric appointments (fingerprinting) and I had a feeling that Thursday would be the day for approval and Oh My Stars it was. As we drove down the street to our mailbox the kids and I chanting I-797 over and over and getting the envelope was so exciting. God is so good. Sweet Little Mia we are one step closer. This mama can't wait to hold you in my arms.
First thing this morning the boys and I pile up to go get it notarized and send it to Secretary of State. This was the last step for our Dossier. Hopefully we will be DTC (Docs to China), and logged in by October then we wait for our RA (Referral Acceptance). Then we have some more paperwork then Travel to China to get our precious daughter.
As soon as we get our RA I will post pics of our sweet little one. I can't wait to share with you her precious face. Until then you can join us in prayer as we do more waiting, and for Mia's safety and health while she waits for us to get her. We also are still praying for God to give her visions and dreams of us and for God to be sending his angels to comfort and give her peace.


Kendra said...

WOW! Exciting news! You are well on the way to your little girl! Now the dreaded wait for LOA...that was one of the hardest waits. Do whatever you can to get through it! :) Has your agency given you any estimates? I would think March for your travel might be a good guesstimate. I started decorating Charlottes room right after receiving PA. It has taken many months to get it the way I envisioned it. I have just 2 more things left to do to finish it off and then I will post pics on my blog. :) CONGRATS on the next step!

Ann Marie said...

Yippppppppppeeeeeeeee!! So thrilled for you. :)