Thursday, August 11, 2011

Please pray for Halie Pigott and her family

Our dear sweet friends whose little girl has been battling Neuroblastoma High Risk Stage 4 (Cancer) scanned in July and everything looked good, but there was an inconclusive spot on her leg and they are rescanning her at the end of this month. Please pray that she is already healed as God has done amazing things in this sweet child, and for her continued healing and that God will defeat this. Pray for my sweet friend Jen for peace this month and every month and day she has to deal with this. Lord sweep over this sweet family who loves you and hold them tight in your gentle arms. We love you Pigott Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can follow Halie's story her blog is listed under blog's I follow. And if you look down at our 4th of July picks you can see sweet Halie playing with the kiddos.

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