Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy 4th of July Late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More of my wonderful friends Alicia and Jen (Jen is Halies mommy)

Here is my sweet friend Melissa holding Halie (who has been battling cancer and been scanning clean) She is only three and look how beautiful and wonderful she looks. Please keep praying for her as she scans this whole week, and pray for the whole Pigott family. you can follow her story look under my blog lists and she is there.

Here is just some of the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my sweet Ethan with his sword the clown just made him. Our neighborhood puts on a Happy 4th of July show with a DJ, Food, Facepainting, Balloons, Firework show (Well this year cheezy lazor show because of the dry conditions here) :)

Here our some of my friends and me. I love these girls. These are my sisters in Christ.

Here are our friends little boys.

We had so much fun 4th of July with our friends. Here is the crew on the steps of our house. (I can't wait for Mia to be in these pics too)

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