Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adoption Update

We took some family pictures. I can't wait to take more family pics when we get our daughter Mia from China. I have so much love in my heart for this sweet little girl who I have never met and it grows and grows everyday. We are still in the paper chase stage of our adoption. Here is a list of all the paperwork we need for our Dossier to China. Most all these docs need notarized, certified by Secretary of State, and Authenticated at the Chinese Consulate.

1. Application Letter
2. Husbands Birth Certificate
3.Wife's Birth Certificate

4.Marriage Certificate

5.Husbands Employment Letter

6. Wife's Unemployment Letter

7.Financial Statement

8. Husbands Physical Exam Form

9. Husband's Doctor Letter

10. Wife's Physical Exam Form

11. Wife's Doctor Letter

12.Husband Police Report

13. Wife Police Report

14. Home Study Report

15. USCIS Approval

16. 3 Reference Letters

17. Passport Page Husband

18. Passport Page Wife

19.Photo Pages 3

20. Two 2x2 passport photos of each parent

21. Hague Training Certificate copy of Husband and Wife

22. Agreements-Homestudy and Post Study

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