Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Children and Motherhood, Family, Christ..........I think that this gets over looked in our ever changing worldly society. We have become selfish in our flesh, and children our looked on as a burden or some little trophy parents live their lives through with sports or academics or we decide to have them, but not really raise them. Who gave us these precious gifts not us, but the Lord. Let's look at what God says when he first blesses us with that plus sign on the little stick.

For you create my inmost being, you knit me in my mothers womb. Pslam 139:13

So we see God knit each of us in our mothers womb. Wow!!!!! Doesn't God love us. Why do we not love our children like that. Why aren't we knitting into our children spiritual blessings of the Lord. Where has the Christian Worldview gone. I'll tell you where, to Hell!!!!!!! I am finding myself surrounded with a selfish culture that pours so much of the world into our children and less and less of God. This is true with the church, the world has creeped in with divorce rates soaring and children walking away from their faith when they get to there first year of college,the statistics are appauling. You may ask why I am on this call to motherhood. We need to rise up and be the mothers the Lord calls us to be. Keepers of our homes, submissive to our husbands (Ephesians 5:22-24), teaching our children about God when we wake, and walk about the day, when we go to sleep (Deuteronomy 6:6-7). Do you realize the consequences of not Biblically submitting to your husband, do you understand that we have to submit to the Lord and this is an example to our children, sons and daughters of the Biblical submission to our heavenly father.

The startling things happening around me our all examples of not holding God's word at total authority. We teach our kids to be devoted to sports and pour countless hours into helping them succeed at this, same with academics we teach them and push them to study the world and the things of it so you can get into a great college and make lot's of money.........................What is this?Again our flesh..................What about our children and damning them to hell by never given them a firm foundation in God's word the most important thing above all. Instead we put all these other idols before our children teaching them that these things are far above God, and they grow up seeing baseball, football, college, facebook, iphones, friends as their God and goals.

Are we know different then the Isrealites who turned their backs on God many, many times with Idol worship, wanting better, nothing was ever good enough. They had God's prescence with them but it wasn't enough. We are those same people ,who his anger raged against. Turn away from the idol things of this world. We are equipped with the most awesome tool, The Bible. Who picks this up and studies it everyday and meditates on it day and night like God calls. What is your meditation Sports, Academics, Movies, The Computer the list goes on.

We need to stop this,The Church needs to stop letting the world invade God's Holy Temple, just like they did thousands of years ago worshipping idols and doing detestable things in the house of the Lord.

Us parents need to stop passing the buck to the church to raise their children up in the Lord. It calls Fathers to be the head of their homes, and mothers if you would take your job's seriously. It is a blessing to be a stay at home mom. Not a curse, or oh I could never do that, or beneath you. That again is the world creeping in. You are missing precious time that you will never get back and countless teachable moments with your children in training in righteousness, not to forget personal sanctification (because you know your sin comes out in your children). You are missing the spiritual blessing of growing in Christ with your family. My heart is saddened for those that do not embrace this and know they are missing out on one of the biggest earthly blessings. Children they are a gift from the Lord.............

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