Friday, December 30, 2011

Mia Update 12/29/11

Here she is our precious babe. Mia aka Qing XiaoQian 20 months old. We are adopting off of the Waiting Child China with America World. Her Special need is Growth and Developmental Delay, but over the past months we have been watching her blossom and meet some milestones. Praise The Lord!!!!!!! She just got another tooth within a month, now she has 6 teeth, her hair is growing, she has gained 7 lbs, and grown 2 inches. You go girl!!!! LOL!!!! We can't wait to hold her in our arms. My heart is starting to ache. It looks like March possibly for Travel. This mama is so happy. Daddy just melted today when he saw her pics. He is going to be so good with her. It is precious to see him through this process, sides of him I haven't seen even after 13 years of marriage. So Precious!!!!!! As I have told some of you already our boys were going to travel and now they are not. :( Cost was a big issue. Any ideas on how to make there stay away from mom and dad better please let me now. I am looking forward though to concentrating on meeting Mia's needs before she comes home to the busyness of the Leggio House. LOL!!!!!

Look at those cheeks

She is so dainty

Look at me I am standing

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leggio Christmas

Joe's Dad's Christmas was on Monday the 26th, I didn't get any pics of my kids posing with cousins or grandparents this year. What a bad mommy. Most all the Christmas pics were taken by daddy.

Hanging with family

I was opening a present for Mia. :)

Sweet Cousin opening his present from us. A indoor trampoline!!!!!LOL

The only pic I have of Joe's DAD this Christmas. He bought the boys all shot guns.

We have one more Christmas with Joe's mom and step dad, and that is January 1st. I will hopefully try to get some better pics. I really want the new Nikon Camera before we leave for China. :)

Christmas with My Family

Christmas Morn we went to my parents house and celebrated Our Savior's Birth with my parents, grandparents, and brother, sister n law, and my sweet new nephew Oliver who is only 6 weeks old. (and I didn't get any pics of) :(

Present Opening!!!!!!!!

More present opening, my brother and sister n law were opening all baby Olie's gifts.

My precious grandfather cooking breakfast (80 years old)

Joe having fun riding one of the kids Christmas presents

My Little Knight

My mom cooking up a storm

And me trying the kids toys out

A Merry Merry Morning

Well we had a very early Christmas Morn at our CASA, we had to be at my parents by 8:00am. Here is just a couple of pics of the boys opening presents at our house. We got them some travel stuff because we thought they were going to China with us, but they are going to stay here :(.

The boys opening presents

My Sweet Austin with that CRAZY curly hair

Ethan is as happy as a Lark

My poor Corbin has had a bad cold.

Fire Station 45's Christmas Party

Joe is a Jr. Captain at Station 45's, and they decided to do a Christmas Party at the fire station with the families. It was so much fun to get together with all Joe's Crew. They are sweet sweet people. We had all the fixings. Turkey, Ham, stuffing (the best stuffing I have ever had), Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, and a whole lot of dessert. :) We did gifts for all the firefighter kiddos, and the adults did the funnest gift exchange (It was an auction and you didn't know what you were bidding on, it was hilarious.) Here are some pics.

Me helping the kiddos get started on their ornament craft.

The line for the food!!!! LOL

The kids playing with the firestation pool table and gym.

All the kiddos waiting to open their gifts

Mr. Benny checking the dinner!!!!! (Joe's friend)

RA signed and Sent

Me signing the RA

Joe signing the RA

Thursday, December 22, 2011


My Little Hunters Austin 7, Corbin 5, and Ethan 9

Me and my hubby

Ethan and Corbin following Daddy up a mountain

We made it to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin my serious hunter

Me and my Corsican I shot at 200 yards in the shoulder

The boys and me.

We took a four day trip to my husbands family land. They have around 1000 acres of hunting land. We had such a good time. My husband shot a Deer and this girl shot a Corsican (ALL BY MYSELF). If you know me hunting and guns is something that has had to grow on me. See I married a Texan and this California girl didn't have a chance. :) Come to find out I love hunting. It is pretty exciting. We had a good time.

33 Years

My Birthday Cake (Daddy and the boys made)

Yes that's right 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My precious boys!!!!!!
Oh my how time flies. I had a birthday and turned 33. It was low key just hanging with my hubby and boys. I think back over the years and wonder have I made a difference for Christ. I feel I waisted the first 22 years not glorifying and following my Lord and Savior. I thank him for the grace he gives me. These 33 years have been one of Growing in the Lord, Being Sanctified gently by my Heavenly Father.
 I thank you Abba Father for blessing me with a Godly husband, 3 wonderful boys, and the opportunity to adopt one of your precious children (Our little Mia Hannah Leggio). I feel so unworthy of all your blessings. I hope I can glorify you everyday in all I do, and always make each day about you. I pray my children will rise up and be a generation that follows you. Thank you Lord for these 33 years.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mia's Referral Pics

Here is Mia's sweet referral pics

So sweet!!!!!!

Love this precious pic of her.

Well today has been a whole day working on travel paper work. We had thought that our kiddos and family would be traveling with us, but change of plans it will just be Joe and I traveling to get Mia. I am going to miss the boys so much. We have never been away from them for that amount of time. If any of you have any fun ideas for them while we are gone to help them count down the days, please let me know. I know they will be in good hands and have fun with grandparents and friends. I think about Jesus when he was talking about leaving the 99 to go to the 1. I have to keep that mindset. We are excited to have time to bond with our sweet girl. Looks like March per our agency. Right now we are waiting for our final 1800 approval. Will keep you all posted on the progress. I hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! May God Bless All of your sweet families.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best Christmas Present. Our RA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is our precious babe. Meet Mia Hannah Leggio.

19 months old

Just look at that face????? I can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks.

We got our RA today 12/14/11, it looks like begining to mid March for travel. Please pray for our family as we gear up to travel to China and for this precious babe who is about to leave everything she has ever known. Pray that it will be an easy transition for her and for us as we are united together. :) Baby girl we are coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, My Precious Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Oh, I opened my email this evening to find updated pics of our sweet baby girl. She has reached some mile stones and even gained some wait. She is just beautiful and precious as ever. I squealed so loud when I saw the email and called for Joe. His eyes welled up when he saw his baby girl. :) This is a side of my hubby I don't see often so it is precious to see. She is sitting up and even standing in her crib holding on to the sides. (Which is huge) She is 19 1/2 months now and weighs 18 lbs. This little sweetheart gained 5 lbs since July.
I wish I could share the pics, but we are still waiting for our RA. I pray it comes soon. We are on Day 46 and counting.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

36 days of Waiting for RA

Well we are 36 days into our wait for RA (Referral Acceptance) This is a hard wait, I already know in my heart that this is my daughter, and have known even before we saw her picture. We have been fixing up her room, and shopping for her clothes. I have been wanting to buy ruffle leggings for her and just found the cutest shop an etsy with ruffle clothes. Check it out.....................................

Fall Collection - Rings of Ruffles leggings

Aren't they precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Club Lighting

Our neighborhood had their annual club lighting, Santa comes, Rudolph the red nose reindeer and they turn the lights on at the country club. They have games, pics with Santa, cocoa and cookies, they bring snow in and a ramp and let the Texas kids pretend they are sledding (Sad but true LOL), jump houses, train and camel rides. Fun Times. Well poor daddy took most of the pics but we got him in one pic.

Us on the choo choo train

Ethan and Austin with an ice sculpture of an elf

Corbin and Austin on the bounce obstacle course

Cookie Decorating

Santa and the boys (Santa gave out red glow in the dark necklaces)

Mommy, Corbin and our friend Rudolph