Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Biology with the Kids

Well we started our Christian Kids Learn Biology, we love it. Some of it is a little hard for their age, but they understand so much more than I would expect. We had so much fun talking about The Big Bang Theory Versus Creationism. To describe Big Bang to them we had them throw playing cards up in the air and asked them if it made anything. We did the same thing with Legos. We also had them build with Legos being the creator. It showed how things don't just happen by an explosion or accident. All the things created are so well thought out that our designer God had his hand in everything. It is so neat to show the kids man's way of thinking and then be able to bring them back to the cross. Here is some pics of us creating a paper mache earth. They all made one and they are hanging in their rooms now. Corbin and Ethan loved it Austin was not so crazy to get his hands dirty.