Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sante Fe at Christmas

We had a White Christmas in Sante Fe with my parents, grandparents, and brother and sister n law. We got to visit my parents church where they go to when they are there and it was really neat. It wasn't like any church we had been in, but you could feel God working there and with the people. There hearts really seemed to be for the Lord. I felt the Holy Spirit move in me while we were there. It was awesome.
Sante Fe is beautiful with lot's to do. The kids loved the snow and we enjoyed playing in it and skiing. Ethan went to snow board school and loved it. He did so good!!!!! We went sledding and Corbin loved it the best. We even took him down the steeper hill and he would just laugh and sail down with Joe. He would go by himself too and loved every minute of it. The other two weren't thrilled with having to walk back up the hills to sled down. They preferred just hanging at Papa and Mimi's and snowboarding down the driveway. Which Ethan and Austin and Corbin picked up very fast.
Some friends The Williamson's were up there too with their family. We got to ski with them some which was nice. Joe was just learning how to snowboard, so Brian gave him tips on how to get better and I got to ski with Jen and Cole their son. Good times. Though Jen and I weren't very happy to find ourselves on top of a black diamond mountain which was supposed to be a blue way down. I thought I would never get down from there, never again will I venture onto that.

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