Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Pics of Sante Fe

Here is more Christmas Pics in Sante Fe of the Fam. Enjoy.

Sante Fe at Christmas

We had a White Christmas in Sante Fe with my parents, grandparents, and brother and sister n law. We got to visit my parents church where they go to when they are there and it was really neat. It wasn't like any church we had been in, but you could feel God working there and with the people. There hearts really seemed to be for the Lord. I felt the Holy Spirit move in me while we were there. It was awesome.
Sante Fe is beautiful with lot's to do. The kids loved the snow and we enjoyed playing in it and skiing. Ethan went to snow board school and loved it. He did so good!!!!! We went sledding and Corbin loved it the best. We even took him down the steeper hill and he would just laugh and sail down with Joe. He would go by himself too and loved every minute of it. The other two weren't thrilled with having to walk back up the hills to sled down. They preferred just hanging at Papa and Mimi's and snowboarding down the driveway. Which Ethan and Austin and Corbin picked up very fast.
Some friends The Williamson's were up there too with their family. We got to ski with them some which was nice. Joe was just learning how to snowboard, so Brian gave him tips on how to get better and I got to ski with Jen and Cole their son. Good times. Though Jen and I weren't very happy to find ourselves on top of a black diamond mountain which was supposed to be a blue way down. I thought I would never get down from there, never again will I venture onto that.

Corbin's 1st Deer Hunt

Well the time had come for Corbin to go to his first deer hunt at GP's house. He has turned three and that is a right of passage in The Leggio house to go hunting at GP's. Maw Maw took Corbin out to get his very own BB Gun just like she did the other boys when they turned 3. He did great. Though Daddy got Corbin up very early to head to Caldwell and forgot to take him potty so Corbin had an accident and hunted commando style.

Joe Made Captain!!!!!!

We are so proud of you daddy. All the Studying paid off. He is now Jr. Captain at 45's.

Happy Fall Yall 2009

Oh, I am still behind trying to get caught up. Here is some Halloween Pics. Our friends The Blane's and The Pigotts came to Trunk or Treat in our neighborhood. We had a good time. The kids looked sooooo cute. This was probably my last year to help Corbin pick out a costume. I spent way to much money on it but it was just adorable.

Baseball The Astros and The Oiroles

Well the boys asked to play baseball, so this past fall they played fall ball. They really did so great and we were so proud of them for trying their hardest. Ethan's practices were crazy busy, but he stuck with it, and Austin did Awesome to. Ethan did Machine Pitch and Austin was in T-Ball. Joe helped assist when needed and it was so fun to watch. I have never have been into sports, but put one of my boys out there and I turn into crazy baseball mom. I never new I had it in me the Yelling and Cheering. Austin was the Astros and Ethan was the Orioles.


Wow it has been a while since I posted anything. I will try to be better in 2010 about keeping everybody updated on our family. It has been a bit of a blurr this past year as we sold our home in May, and didn't get into our new home until the last week of September. Everything was in storage for about 4 months. We are settled now and enjoying our new home God has blessed us with.

We also started going to Woodsedge Montgomery in April 2009 and we are enjoying being there. We are working with the Pre-K and Kinder aged kiddos teaching Sunday School, and Joe has took on doing puppets to reach the little ones. He is so amazing with the kids. God has really blessed him with the gift of teaching. I had the joy of co-directing VBS with Crystal the Children's Pastor and had a blast. It was one of the busiest but fun weeks I have had. We had almost 100 children at the Montgomery Campus, it was amazing. We now have a new Children's Pastor who is doing an amazing job too. His heart seems to want to reach the kids for Christ. Just wanted to give an update. Hopefully I will be blogging soon.