Sunday, October 21, 2018

Destin August 2018

We had a lovely family Vacation in one of our favorite places. We love going to the beach in Florida, especially Destin, Florida. The water is so clear and blue/green and just beautiful. There were days playing on the beach, building sandcastles, drip castles, snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boarding, swimming and hanging out. We also went on a pirate cruise, played some miniature golf, boys did a fishing excursion with Joe, and let's not foget the yummy seafood we ate. It will go down as one of our favorite family vacations for sure.

The view outside our condo

Checking out our digs for the week

Checking out the beach after ten hours of driving 

So glad to be here

Learning to catch some waves boogie boarding

Happy Boy 

Boys snorkeling


Me and my little

Beauty of the dat

Excited to wake up and be in Destin

Girls too!!!!!

Me and The Hubby

Check out the shark that was caught

Pirate faces for a pirate cruise

Water Gun fight Big Boys were the Targets for all the little kids

Water Gun Fun

Mia's Scary Pirate Face

Cora's Pirate Face

Just call him Captain


Another beautiful day at the beach

Love this guy!!!!!

Kids found the cutest little crab

Mini Golf night

They conquered the mini golf

Sand Castle Building

More Sand Castle building

Boogie Boarding

Teagan LOVES Boogie Boarding

Littlest Mermaid

Family Time

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Happy 42nd Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday to an amazing man who sacrifices and loves his family so well. We love celebrating you!!!!! We love you so much!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Cora's 4th Forever Family Day and Teagan's 1st Forever Family Day

Cora and Teagan's Gotcha Days are one day apart. Cora's gotcha day was June 3, 2014 and Teagan's was June 4, 2017. We always celebrate with pictures of how far they have grown, and how God has blossomed them in these years home. Then we head to breakfast somewhere. Cora chose Ihop, and since Teagan is so little and pretty much is a go with the flow kinda kid that's where we headed. 

I am so glad that we listened to the Holy Spirit and were blessed by these two kiddos. The road to adoption isn't always an easy road. It is redemptive and sanctifying work. But we wouldn't have it any other way. These two blessings get to know the love of family and here about Jesus. We are so blessed to call them daughter and son.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Veterans War Museum in Huntsville Texas

We finished up our school year of studying Modern and World History with a visit to a Veterans War Museum. We were humbled with the sacrifice of so many to fight for our freedoms. We are so thankful for those that sacrifice so much for us to live free.

After the museum we went to the town square to have some good ole southern cooking. It was a lovely day spent together as a family.

The Littles in an army tent set up

Boys discussing the weaponery

Ethan giving us a history lessons on strategy 

My two sweeties

Corbin always smiling

They all took off running to climb on all these cool vehicles

Our Tribe

Watch out Mia's driving

and now Teagan's driving 

Checking out the tanks

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spring Piano Recital 2018

We have been blessed for the past five years to have Ms. Hannah as our piano teacher. The kids have blossomed under her teaching and she is such a joy to have in our home. This was our end of the year recital. Corbin happened to be out of town with my brother but the three other kiddos that play piano got to perform. Austin played a piece by himself and then a duet with one of Miss Hannahs sisters. Each of the girls played a piece and then had a sweet duet together.

Austin and Corbin also performed at a special Gold Cup competition that they have participated in the past three years. They received their Gold Cup for getting Three Superior ratings each year from the judges. Cora has also participated and this coming year will be her third year of participating with hopes to also receive her Gold Cup.

Miss Hannah's Students

Austin Playing his Duet

Cora and Mia Playing their duet

Austin and his Gold Cup