Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Tribe is Growing!!!!!

We have started process to adopt our son. Although we do not know who he is quite yet we are praying for our precious Teagan James Leggio while he waits. 

We are doing a few fundraisers to Help Bring Teagan Home.

If you would like to donate click link on the side of our blog for a tax deductible donation  through Ordinary Hero.

Be A Part Of His Story!!!!!!!

Huntsville State Park Nature Hike

We loaded in the car a few weeks ago and headed out to the State Park for a nature hike and some nature sketching. It was a beautiful day full of wondering in God's Creation and Sketching His Beauty that he created for us to enjoy. Love Our Nature Days with our Leggio Loves. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A New District Fire Chief!!!!

He did it,  and I couldn't be prouder of my hubby. Almost six months of studying, nine months of waiting and the day finally came. He is a District Chief for the Houston Fire Department. The day was a great day celebrating our #1 guy. We ate at Benihanna downtown Houston,  the same place we ate almost sixteen years ago when he first got into the fire department. 

Joe, you are an Amazing husband, father, friend. We couldn't be more prouder of how hard you work for your family and what you accomplish through the Grace of God. Thank you!!!!! We love you so much!!!!

Pinning the badge on my hubby. Proud wife moment!!!

The Big Bosses and Joe

Joe's parents celebrating the day with us.

Mia is a little excited and proud of her daddy too.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Franklin Safari Park

We traveled to Franklin Texas to the safari park there. We had so much fun petting and seeing all sorts of animals. There a not pictures of the girls because they were very unsure of some of them and didn't want to pet or feed them. LOL
We met my brother and sister in law and Mimi and spent the day there.

These Lemurs just jump on you with no warning

Ethan and his friend

Austin trying to feed the monkey

Leggio Loves

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Freedom Festival and a Lil' Golf

We headed out to our towns Freedom Festival and parade. Kids loaded up with candy pockets over flowing. So that is a plus in their book. Corbin and the girls bounce housed away. It was Cora's first time and I can say she loved it. After parade we headed to the golf course for the boys to play nine holes. It was a good day with my Leggio Loves. We missed Daddy today. He is keeping Houston safe. Love you daddy!!!!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!!!!