Saturday, May 5, 2018

Corbin's 12th and Mia's 8th Birthday

These two have birthdays only a week apart so we decided this year to combine their parties with a big blow up waterslide. One side of our table was Spider Man with a the request of a Dirt Cake the other side was a Mermaid with the request of white cupcakes and white icing. We ordered pizza and made a salad and just hung out celebrating our two precious kiddos.

Corbin you are so loving, caring, smart, and concerned for others. You love reading, math, golf and playing anything.

Mia you are talkative, sweet, loving, funny, outgoing, and a little sassy lol. You love baking with mommy, playing with your sibings, and dates with dad and mom.

We Love you Corbin and Mia!!!!!!

Happy 8th Birthday Mia

Happy 12th Birthday Corbin!!!!!

About to sing Happy Birthday song to our two loves

Mia's dessert request

Corbin's dessert request

The party

The Big Slide

Four Monkey Boys

Fort Building

The kids started working some more on their village in the woods, because some dear Canadian friends were coming at the end of the week. The kids were so excited to have more adventures with them so the fort preparation began. The kids had a wonderful time and worked so hard building their village.

Project Love One Golf Tournament

Project Love One is a Non Profit that helps adoptive families and orphans. They helped us raise money to bring home Cora, and we are so grateful to them. They have helped so many families be able to bring home their children. So this tournament they put on is near and dear to our hearts. This year Joe got a team and all the boys played with him. It's so neat to see these boys and their dad be best friends. All the proceeds went to help foster children attend sports camp and also help adoptive families financially. You are doing good work PLO!!!! 

My Boys!!!!!

Spartan Race

For Ethan's 16th birthday we signed him up for a Spartan Race with his Dad, his Uncle joined in on the fun and they did their first Spartan Race. Joe and Uncle Josh were so impressed that Ethan knew how to do all the obstacles and really rocked for his age. So proud of him!!!!

Ethan LOVED doing this so much that they signed up for the 10 to 12 mile Spartan in Austin in May. He and Joe have been working out and getting ready for the big day.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

He is Risen Happy Resurrection Day

What a great day to remember what Christ has done for us. He took it all on the cross, he bore all our burdens, and he rose again!!!!! Lord Thank You for your Grace and Mercy you bestowed upon us through the work of the cross.

Our family serves in children's ministry first Sunday and this Sunday happened to be Easter. Joe did devotionals with all of us before we left for church. He focused us on the one who saves so we could be the hands and feet to the children they may have never heard the good news of Jesus. Church went smoothly and the kids were such great helpers.

After church we headed to Paw Paw's and Maw Maw's for Easter. We had a wonderful lunch of grilled chicken and southern fixins. The kids hunted Easter Eggs and got plenty of candy. Thank you Maw Maw. :)
 It was Teagan's first Easter too. So many firsts this year for our little man. I'm so glad he is home and we didn't miss the blessing of him.

It was a great day being with our family and focusing and purposing our hearts on Jesus.

My Leggio Loves